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Owners of iPhone now have the best way to watch VR videos available comprises selecting, downloading, and then watching these videos in an app which is known as the Mobile VR Station. While streaming videos live on from the web browser I usually the easiest option, if an individual does not really have a reliable source of internet connection, such a person might run into some disturbing issues which can ruin the immersive experience of watching the virtual reality videos found on this site. Watching videos on Mobile VR station is quite advantageous for several reasons, however, the major advantage is quality. By downloading videos and then watching them on the Mobile VR station, users of these information can watch much more higher quality, with sharper, and the conventional smoother 360 video content.

First Step

Two apps are listed below and they both have to be downloaded from the app store. These apps are;

Documents by Readdle

Mobile VR Station

How to make downloads from VR porn campaign.

1) Open the application “Documents by Readdle”.

2) Click on the blue like web-browser button in the bottom right corner. This should bring up a safari-like web browser.

3) Surf to

4) Ensure you Log in with your personal username and password.

5) scroll to a video in which you are interested in downloading.

6) navigate down to download options.

7) Tap and hold the link which says “Smartphone” that appears as a button which is next to the GearVR button

8) The  “Download link” would then pop up.

9) Another screen with options will pop up. This where you can give the file another name, and then choose where it would be downloaded and watching vr porn on iphone vr blog virtual reality

10) Clicking the blue button which shows in the top right corner will save to the default download folder. (Do not forget that, on iOS, there is a limit to where you can place downloads. For instance, you cannot save downloading videos to camera roll.)

How to watch Your Downloaded VR videos follow this easy steps:

1) Open Documents by Readdle, tap the blue document icon in the bottom left corner. If your app has been reset for any reason, you would not need to do this step.

2) Tap the folder which reads “Download” in the Documents app. Your downloaded content would be shown.

3) Click the edit link in the top right corner.

4) Select the video that you want to watch.

5) Click the “More” link which is located in the bottom right corner.

6) Another set of options would pop up. Click the “Share” option.

7) In the first list of apps when you click share, choose the “Import with Mobile VR Station.” This might take a few minutes to import.

8) Your video must automatically open in Mobile VR Station if you have done everything right.

9) It would look like you are in a virtual theater initially but when the video starts it would self-adjust.