Android tablets vs. iPads: which should you buy?

There is always a tug-of-war when choosing between Android tablets and iPad tablets. The two gigantic electronic brands gives so much delight to its consumers but still have differences from each other. These differences confuse some people who can’t decide on which one to grab. There are a lot of points to weigh up to see which one wins. Here, we will see the lighter and deeper sides of each tablets.

  1. Choices

Currently, iPad is selling four iPad devices. We have two iPad Pros, iPad mini, and a standard iPad. These are the latest devices from the Apple. On the other hand, Android tablets are like pancakes in the market. There are so many Android powered tablets in the market you can choose from. These tablets can range from low-budgeted to high-priced ones.

  1. Operating System

This is one of the important things you need to consider when choosing between an Android and an iPad tablet. Android tablet is running with Android operating system developed by Google. Its latest version is the Android 9 Pie, although this is currently only available for Google Pixel and Essential Phones. It is said to support gesture navigation and also has revamps like revamp of recent apps and user interface. With its three pillars, intelligence, simplicity and digital wellbeing, most about Android tablets will change for the better. While Apple, with its very efficient OS, claims that the newest iOS 11 makes iPad more powerful, personal, and intelligent than ever before.

  1. Prices

Android tablets are being sold in different prices depending on the specification. Whatever budget you have, there is surely an Android tablet you can purchase. From personal to business use, there is always an Android tablet that can fit your budget. While iPad, as we all know, is expensive compared to Android tablets. iPad for students are expensive, more so for personal and business use.

  1. Life Span

How many years you can use an Android compared to an iPad is a very important point when choosing between the two. An Android tablet has a life span of up to four years, while an iPad can last up to six years. Though iPad is way expensive than Android tablet, an iPad is really a steal because it can last more than a couple of years than an Android tablet.

  1. Durability

Since an Android tablet is cheaper than an iPad, it is considerable that its durability is less than an iPad. Android tablet can easily break and damage. Though iPad is known for getting problems like crack screen because of its sleek design, its casing is so compact you are assure of its quality.

Having said these points, an iPad is still superior over an Android tablet because of its OS, value for money, and durability.

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