Hidden iPhone Hacks You Never Knew About

iPhone models have cool hidden features you may not knowledgeable of. Here are some of the features you can do to your iPhone.

  1. Your iPhone records your every location and the time you spend in the location.

This is something not everyone knows, but your iPhone is a like a creepy stalker that knows your every location. On the advantageous side, this allows you to track your moves. On the unfortunate side, if you’re doing something ridiculous, your partner can know where you’ve been and the exact time you spent on that location by going to Settings>Privacy>Location Services>System Services>Significant Location. Good thing it will not be easy for your partner to access the Frequent Location if your Touch ID is activated.

  1. Stop your music anytime you want.

This hack is very simple and applicable to those who want to listen to music up to certain time only. Go to Clock>Timer>What Time Ends>Stop Playing Tag. This hack will automatically end the music playing on your iPhone.

  1. Customize the vibration of your iPhone.

On iPhone 7 you can customize the feel of your Home button by going to Settings>General>Home Button. Select the levels of vibration according to your want.

  1. Easy switching from one application to another.

Before, the only way for you to switch on another application is by pressing the Home button twice. This can harm your Home button in the long run. To switch from one application to another, just simply press the edge of the left screen, wait for the running apps to appear and choose the app you desired.

  1. Can’t book an Uber ride? Order Siri.

Yes, you can order Siri to book an Uber ride for you. Just make sure you have an Uber app installed on your iPhone before proceeding. All you need to say is “Siri, get me an Uber.”

  1. Ignore poor Wi-Fi.

You can ignore poor Wi-Fi by turning on your Wi-Fi Assist. To do this, go to Settings>Cellular>Wi-Fi Assist. This will automatically ignore poor Wi-Fi connections and will use your more stable LTE data.

  1. Take photos while recording a video.

This is a very hassle-free hack on iPhone. Before, when you see something you want to take a snap but the video recording is rolling you need to end the recording for you to access the shutter button. But now, you can snap anytime you want just by pressing the shutter button which appears next to the video button. The video sensor will take the photo so expect that it will not be as sturdy as when you use the camera.

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